What is LAC?

What is LAC?

Championing the arts, Connecting people,
Changing lives!

Our mission is to bring positive arts experiences to the broadest community possible through programming and events that focus on artistic excellence and arts access. We welcome all to participate in Lincoln Arts Council’s (LAC) art projects and initiatives helping people to connect and express their individual identity while working towards understanding between people who may have little in common on the surface.

Our work is a collaborative effort with the arts community, social service agencies, and other community partners who believe that access to the arts provides essential opportunities for individuals and organizations.

LAC’s Vision for the Future

LAC programming is expanding to further engage Lincoln’s under-resourced communities in a variety of settings including neighborhood organizations, social service agencies, and development initiatives.

When artists and arts organizations work in partnership with the community, people are more creatively empowered, and our community is more vibrant, resourceful, and resilient. Positive social change happens that results in the improvement of human and social conditions and in the betterment of society.

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