Verse And The Vices is an indie/rock band based out of Lincoln Nebraska that’s consisted of Emilio Meza on vocals and lead guitar, Sophia Meza on vocals, Otilio Meza on drums, and Manuel Martinez on bass guitar.

Their music consists of melodic chord structures from guitarist Emilio who is highly influenced by old school jazz, blues, and country artists. On the rhythm side, drummer Otilio lays down powerful groovin’ beats influenced by old school drummers and also modern drum legends. Manuel or (Manny) has large bass lines that fit the feel of the music with smooth and distinct features influenced by all kinds of weird music. The vocals consist of righteous harmonies in the majority of songs. Emilio’s rich and driven vocals blend seamlessly with Sophia’s jazzy soulful voice. All of their individual sounds combined create a unique complex group that is hard to put your finger on. The music in all has elements of jazz, blues, old country, psychedelic/rock, and indie/rock.



Jonathan Leach is a Black-American musician and producer based out of Lincoln, Nebraska. A storyteller at heart, Leach produces music that is raw and deeply rooted in human experience. Whether a song includes vocals or is purely instrumental, its complexity invites the listener to lean into what they are hearing.

Jonathan began writing his own songs when he was in 7th grade, because, “It was the most correct thing I could do. It was time to start trying to create, and I wanted to do it desperately—to be a part of the creative process of music. I bought a notebook and decided that was the notebook where I would write all my songs.” 

When he’s not performing or teaching lessons, Leach shares his love of music with the community as the Youth Music Director at City Impact. Through music, he facilitates a space for them to express themselves and worship. As a full-time artist, he demonstrates for them that with hard work and dedication, you can pursue your creative and artistic dreams.


Lincoln four-piece rock band FREAKABOUT signals at monumental changes with its supercharged sophomore record BABEZOOKA, a brisk 32-minute romp packing a bold lyrical attitude and mind-bending density. Entrancing harmonies, snake-charming leads and pounding rhythms swirl around each other in a kaleidoscopic cloud of smoke. It crushes as hard as Black Sabbath while injecting technical nuance and a healthy amount of blues influence to color each song differently.

FREAKABOUT’s potential as a torrential force owes itself to both its founding pair and its most recent additions. Cortney Kirby and Aaron Galvan make a molten on-stage pair, the former’s show-stopping vocals and the latter’s iron-heavy riffing positively smolder. Bassist Ben Frerichs adds a burst of pulsing energy while drummer Ian Francis is piston-like and precise. In its best moments, the quartet finds a groove and rides it out to often spectacular conclusions.


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